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How to Dodge a Preventable Contact Burn

Reduce the risk of contact burns with this quick guide:   Pavement Burns When it’s 77 degrees outside, the asphalt can reach a scorching 125 degrees. Therefore, take precautions before walking outside alone or with your pets. Hair Appliance or Hot Object Burns Have a discussion with your children about the dangers of playing with…

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Over 60? Hit the gym

Are You Over 60? Hit the Gym

Inactivity leads to approximately 3.2 million deaths per year. Increasing physical activity has been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease by 11 percent among adults 60 years and older because working out stimulates the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Disabled exercisers can reduce the risk of heart disease by 16 percent; while diabetics and…

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Thanksgiving Leftovers: How to Transform Them Into These 6 Dishes

Don’t know what to do with all of your Thanksgiving leftovers? Try one of these six healthy and hearty dishes: Harvest Stew Make sure your leftover gravy’s fat is skimmed away. Afterward, use the gravy as a base. Add leftover turkey and vegetables. Thicken your Harvest Stew by incorporating sweet potatoes. Cook to 165°F. Turkey-Berry…

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Active Aging: Add These Four High-Energy, Seated Exercises to Your Workout Now

Don’t let a lower-body injury set you back! These four seated exercises will burn calories, strengthen muscles and increase endurance. The greatest misconception about low-impact exercises is that they don’t challenge your body. This is not the case when performed with proper form, targeted breath-work and activation as well as high intensity. Chair Running Targets: abs,…

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Four Moves That Can Make Everyday Life Easier

Spend a few minutes each day working on these four functional fitness exercises that mimic your daily activities like carrying groceries or walking down stairs: 30-Second Sit-Stand for Lower-Body Strength and Power Track the number of times you can stand up and sit down in 30 seconds, in a slow and controlled manner, with your…

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Get Your Children Moving – It May Just Improve Their Grades

The Importance of Physical Activity When children and adolescents participate in the recommended level of physical activity — at least 60 minutes daily — multiple health benefits occur. Most youths, however, do not engage in recommended levels of physical activity. Regular physical activity builds healthy bones and muscles, improves muscular strength and endurance, reduces the…

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