Active Aging: Add These Four High-Energy, Seated Exercises to Your Workout Now

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September 6, 2019

Don’t let a lower-body injury set you back! These four seated exercises will burn calories, strengthen muscles and increase endurance. The greatest misconception about low-impact exercises is that they don’t challenge your body. This is not the case when performed with proper form, targeted breath-work and activation as well as high intensity.

Chair Running
Targets: abs, arms and legs

  1. Sit with legs extended, toes pointed and arms bent by your side
  2. Brace abs in tight and hinge back until just the shoulder blades are lightly touching the back of the chair
  3. Lift legs low in front of you
  4. Bend left knee into chest, turning right shoulder in towards knee, pulling left elbow slightly back
  5. Then, quickly switch sides. Repeat as quickly as you can for 30 alternating repetitions.

Hinge and Cross
Targets: back and abs

  1. Sit tall with knees bent and together (focus on squeezing inner thighs together for more muscular activation), toes pointed and hands behind head
  2. Brace abs in tight and hinge back until just shoulder blades are lightly touching back of chair
  3. Bring body forward, crossing right elbow to outside of left knee
  4. Return to your starting position. Repeat for 20 alternating repetitions.

Leg Lift and Twist
Targets: quadriceps, inner thighs and abs

  1. Sitting tall on edge of chair, extend right leg out straight with foot on floor and arms crossed over chest
  2. Brace abs in tight and rotate torso to the right as right leg lifts to left knee, squeezing knees together
  3. Focus on exhaling during the twist and lift. Inhale as you return to your starting position. Time your breath for more abdominal activation.
  4. Perform 20 repetitions, and repeat on the opposite side.

Skater Switch
Targets: core, inner thighs, arms and shoulders

  1. From the edge of your chair, bend right knee out to side, extending left leg out straight to side with pointed toes
  2. Extend arms straight and lean forward slightly, reaching left arm to inside of right foot, raising right arm up behind body, twisting through torso
  3. Swiftly, switch sides. Repeat for 30 alternating repetitions.


For instruction, please consult a center fitness specialist. Before any new workout routine, please consult your physician.

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