A How To: Fitness Machines at the Crosby Wellness Center 

by CHWB Team
October 17, 2023

Crush Your Next Workout at the Crosby Wellness Center 

The fitness floor at Crosby Wellness Center, the fitness facility inside CHWB, is home to more than 30 fitness machines designed to help you crush your workout for any exercise – leg, arm, back, chest, core, and more. While starting these machines may be intimidating, we encourage all Crosby members to step out of their comfort zone and try the state-of-the-art fitness equipment spanning across the fitness floor. The images below feature Jair, the Fitness Supervisor at Crosby Wellness Center!  

Here are four machines that you can use to help crush your workout.  

Abdominal/Crunch Machine 

When you first approach the abdominal machine, adjust the seat so your abdominal muscles line up with the circular piece on the side of the machine where your elbows lay on the pads. When your seat is in the perfect position, adjust the weight (exhibit A). Adding weight creates tension in the machine and increases the weight you’re crunching. Place your elbows on the cushions and have your hands grasp the handles (exhibit B), then crunch forward while engaging your core and keeping your back on the cushion (exhibit C).  

Breathing technique: Breath in when back at the starting position and exhale as you crunch.  

Tips: Keep the weight in tension. When you go back to the main starting position after you complete a crunch, don’t release the weight.   

Row Machine 

The rowing machine works your back and latissimus dorsi (lats) muscles. Before beginning the workout, adjust the seat (exhibit D) so it’s in a position where your chest aligns with the pad. Your feet can be placed on either the floor or small bars attached to the machine (exhibit E). Adjust the weight to your liking and place your hands on the handles. Keep your chest proud and out, and against the pad while you pull the handles back towards you and squeeze your shoulder blades together (exhibit F). 

Breathing technique: Breath out when you pull back and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Keeping the resistance in the handles, breath in when you return the handles to just before starting position.  

Tips: Keep your chest on the pad throughout the entirety of the exercise. Squeeze your shoulder blades together when you pull the handles back and keep your elbows close to your sides.  

Seated Leg Press 

After you step up to the seated leg press, adjust the seat so that your lower back and glutes remain touching the seat and cushion. If any part of your lower back or glutes is not touching the seat, adjust the lever so the chair moves up or down. Adjust the weight to your liking. Your feet can be placed in different locations depending on what muscles you’d like to work. To work your hamstrings, place your feet higher on the platform (exhibit G), and to work your quadriceps (quads), place your feet lower on the platform (exhibit H). Keeping heels flush and toes pointed forward, push through your heels so the seat starts to move upward. Extend your legs fully while keeping a slight bend to the knees (exhibit I). When continuing repetitions, do not fully release the weight back at the starting position – keep tension in the seat.  

Breathing technique: When you push your legs and the chair starts to move up, breathe out. When you bring your legs back to the starting position (keeping tension in the weight and not releasing it), breathe in. 

Tips: Keep your core engaged for extra stability and don’t lock your knees.  

Chest Press

When you sit in the seat, make sure that the handles line up with your chest. If your chest is not in line with the handles, stand up and adjust the seat height. This machine has three arm/handle settings. Number 1 is the farthest back and the most challenging setting, number 2 is the average setting, and number 3 is the farthest forward setting and the easiest (exhibit J). Keep your chest out and proud, hands on the handles, and looking forward (exhibit K), begin to push the handles forward.  

Breathing technique: Breathe out when you push the handles forward and breathe in when you come back to the starting position.  

Tips: Keep your elbows at a 45-degree angle to protect your shoulders and have the handles in line with your chest.  

Memberships at Crosby Wellness Center 

Crosby Wellness Center, the state-of-the-art fitness facility inside the Center for Health & Wellbeing, features the latest equipment, two indoor pools – a dedicated lap pool and a warmer pool for aquatics exercise and therapy, group fitness classes like Pilates and Zumba – plus a variety of modern amenities, including calming ceiling lights that simulate the night sky on Winter Solstice for a truly unique indoor swim experience. In addition to its many fitness offerings, the Crosby is certified by the Medical Fitness Association as a Medical Fitness Facility – the first MFA-certified facility in Central Florida. Learn more about the Crosby Wellness Center HERE

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