Five Ways to Make This Your Summer of Fitness

by CHWB Team
June 26, 2023

Maintaining a fitness routine during the summer can be a challenge. It’s easy to get distracted during the summer months when our routines are sporadic, kids are out of school and our priorities change. Between the summer pool parties and vacations that lead to less time for fitness to the hot weather making it more challenging to cool off while our muscles work overtime, it’s easy to let fitness fall to the wayside. But we have these easy tips and tricks to share to help you stay motivated during the summer months: 

1. Utilize equipment around the house when you can’t make it to the gym.  

While lifting and using the fitness equipment at your gym might be your go-to routine, sometimes your schedule doesn’t allow you to make it there during the summer.  Here are some great alternatives to using weights in the gym that you can do at home with easy household items! 

If you like to do deadlifts in the gym with a barbell, grab a towel and use it for a leg curl to activate your hamstrings. When doing a deadlift, your hamstrings and glute muscles are challenged, similar to the towel leg curl variation. To do this, first lay on your back and place your heels feet flexed on a towel placed on a hard floor. Next, use resistance to bring your heels (still on the towel) to your glutes to activate your hamstrings. Another great alternative for dumbbell weights is using a milk carton to get in a lift session.  

2. Add in different fitness activities during the summer months to make it more convenient. 

Use the summer months to teach your family the benefits of staying active and participating in a fitness routine. While the sun stays out longer, incorporate family walks after dinner or go to a playground nearby and play a game of soccer or baseball. This is also a great time to hit the pool and have a family lap swim competition.  

3. Make exercise a social event by joining or starting a fitness group. 

A great way to keep up with a fitness routine is doing it with others and making it a social event. Members in the fitness group can also act as accountability partners to ensure that everyone is participating and staying true to their fitness goals.  

4. Shorten your regular fitness routine by completing a HIIT workout.  

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a great way to still get in a workout if you only have a short window to do so. Whether it’s between picking up a little one from summer camp or before you get ready for a friend’s wedding, completing a higher-intensity workout in a shorter period is perfect for fitting exercise into a busy summer schedule. 

5. Utilize on-demand Technology, like MOVE for Crosby Wellness Center Members! 

There are multiple smartphone apps, on-demand classes, and other tech-focused fitness programs that help you keep a fitness routine while on the go. Crosby Wellness Center members can utilize MOVE, an on-demand fitness app with hundreds of programs that allows you to get in a workout while on the go. Now, members can also utilize VOLT, a virtual coaching program that’s perfect for members who enjoy having a personal trainer to help them achieve their fitness goals.    

Let the Center for Health & Wellbeing assist you in continuing your Fitness routine this summer and year-round. At the Center, we host multiple free and open-to-the-public Fitness-focused Community Education Programs the entire family can enjoy. Or visit our indoor Walking Track open year-round to the community (no membership required). 

Discover how CHWB can support your health and wellbeing by scheduling a tour of our state-of-the-art facility that includes the membership-based Crosby Wellness Center fitness facility, HERE. 

Community Education Programs are scheduled from August through June. 

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