Fun Outdoor Fitness Activities for the Family

Fun Outdoor Fitness Activities for the Family

by admin
June 9, 2020

Keep your family moving as the weather warms up with fun outdoor fitness activities. You and the members of your household can still practice social distancing while being physically active. Try to engage in 30–60 minutes of physical activity with the family daily. Here are  activities you and your family can enjoy today.

Take a Walk after Mealtime
Whether it’s after lunch or after dinner, taking a walk is a fun outdoor activity that helps to burn the glucose in your body after a meal. Plus, walking aids in digestion. During your walk you can play games, have a friendly race, look for birds, squirrels or bunnies, and even take this time to walk the family pet. If you’re working from home these walks will give everyone the chance to get some fresh air. Walking is great for the family’s mental and physical well-being.

Explore the Neighborhood with a Bike Ride
Grab your bikes and experience a full-body workout that’s good for your heart. Like walking, your family can explore new parts of your neighborhood while keeping a safe distance from others and supporting everyone’s mental well-being. Plus, the family gets the added benefit of building muscle, burning fat, improving sleep and lowering everyone’s risk for heart disease.  

Water Games on a Hot Day
Make your front or backyard your own personal water park. Here are some water game ideas to enjoy fun outdoors:

  • Water balloon slip-n-slide – Add water balloons to the traditional slip-n-slide for double the fun.
  • Water balloon baseball – Traditional baseball just got a lot cooler when you use water balloons.
  • Water balloon catch – You can play this in a variety of ways and use different objects to catch the balloons.
  • Glow pool – For older kids and adults, this can be great on a summer night. Simply add glow sticks to your pool and have a glow swim party.
  • Water Piñatas–Hang water balloons from anything you can find and try to whack them blindfolded.
  • Run through the sprinkler– This is a classic way to stay cool that’s tons of fun for all ages.

These are just a few ideas of the variety of activities you and your family can do outdoors to KEEP MOVING. Visit our Facebook page to join the discussion and share more ideas for outdoor family fun.

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