Four Moves That Can Make Everyday Life Easier

by admin
August 1, 2019

Spend a few minutes each day working on these four functional fitness exercises that mimic your daily activities like carrying groceries or walking down stairs:

30-Second Sit-Stand for Lower-Body Strength and Power
Track the number of times you can stand up and sit down in 30 seconds, in a slow and controlled manner, with your arms folded.

Arm Curls for Upper-Body Strength and Muscular Endurance
Count how many times you can curl a light weight, in a slow and controlled manner, no more than eight pounds in 30 seconds—one arm at a time.

8-Foot Get-Up-and-Go for Balance and Agility 
Stand up from your chair, and walk over to an item you’ve placed eight feet away. Walk back to the chair, and sit down. As you get used to this movement, speed it up.

Back Scratch for Upper-Body Flexibility 
Reach your left arm over your left shoulder and the other arm behind your back. See how close you can bring your hands together. This might feel a bit uncomfortable at first. However, you shouldn’t feel any pain.


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