Thanksgiving Leftovers: How to Transform Them Into These 6 Dishes

by admin
December 2, 2019

Don’t know what to do with all of your Thanksgiving leftovers? Try one of these six healthy and hearty dishes:

Harvest Stew

Make sure your leftover gravy’s fat is skimmed away. Afterward, use the gravy as a base. Add leftover turkey and vegetables. Thicken your Harvest Stew by incorporating sweet potatoes. Cook to 165°F.

Turkey-Berry Wrap

Spread cranberry sauce on your leftover sliced turkey. Add shredded greens and toasted pecans. Certainly wrap the ingredients in whole-wheat tortillas.

Cranberry Smoothies

Blend cranberries, unsweetened frozen yogurt and orange juice.

Turkey Stock

Freeze turkey stock in small amounts. Above all, thaw the turkey stock in your refrigerator. Cook couscous, pasta, rice or soup with the stock.

Crunchy Turkey Salad

First of all, toss cubed turkey and celery. Throw in apples, light mayonnaise and shredded baby spinach together.

Stuffing Frittata

Mix stuffing with eggs. Cook through, pancake-style.

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