Tootsie Yarborough

Faces of CHWB: Tootsie Yarborough, Breast Cancer Survivor

When Tootsie Yarborough learned she had stage 4 breast cancer—one of the rarest cancers to survive, with a 22 percent survival rate—she knew she would fight for herself. “With stage 4, you make some radical lifestyle changes, if you’re going to survive,” she says. “You clean up your act. You clean up your diet. You…

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Marvelene Koositra

Faces of the CHWB: Marvelene Kooistra, 97 Year Old Swimmer

Marvelene Kooistra is like all of us. She forces herself out of bed every morning and tries to get in her exercise. Except, she’s 97 years old. Kooistra, 97, spends every day working out and learning at the Center for Health & Wellbeing. “I like everything here, but I think probably the activities in the…

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Image of Stress Free man looking at sky

Stress-Free: 3 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body and Soul

Good health is hard to come by and if you’re feeling stressed, it can be even more difficult to restore it. Today, we tend to experience several stresses: chronic illness, financial obligations, politics, even staying connected with our loved ones, like our children or grandchildren. Combating stress is no picnic in the park. It can…

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The Key to Healthy Living Might Just be Living in Your Family

Grandchildren bring a lot to our lives – laughter, love, quality time and a uniquely strong and special bond. But did you know spending time with our grandchildren has a hidden benefit, something we all will likely want to take advantage of? Research shows that transgenerational relationships could be the key to healthy aging, both…

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Father's Day Brunch

Organic Father’s Day Brunch from Nourish Coffee Bar + Kitchen

Organic Father’s Day Brunch with a Message Inspired by an all-American barbecue, Nourish Coffee Bar & Kitchen chef Collette Haw brings you this collection of the best organic brunch recipes for Father’s Day. Easy to follow and carefully selected, these recipes will help you put together a special and delicious brunch. Lettuce Celebrate: Blue Cheese…

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Comfort Food Can Be Healthy Cuisine at Nourish

The Nourish Coffee Bar + Kitchen menu features fresh fare prepared by Collette Haw. The café offers a sustainably-sourced coffee bar, an indoor-outdoor space ripe for dining and socializing, and a serene ambiance designed with your whole-person health in mind.

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