The Benefits of Yoga

by CHWB Team
April 18, 2023

Yoga is a powerful tool for the body, mind, and soul and can be an ally in your life. Yoga is a combination of slow movements, deep breathing, and meditation to increase blood flow while warming up muscles and building strength. At the Crosby Wellness Center (CWC), located inside the Center for Health & Wellbeing, yoga is offered as part of the group fitness class schedule. The different yoga classes offered include yoga basics, yoga flow, yin yoga, power yoga, restorative yoga, chair yoga, candlelight yoga, and more. Each offering is geared towards strengthening a different muscle group while focusing on improving mindfulness.   

There are many benefits to practicing yoga and, here are our top-5: 

1. Increases Breath Capacity 

Adding yoga to your daily routine can increase chest wall expansion which can boost breathing because there is more room for air in your lungs. 

2. Promotes Mindfulness 

Mindfulness can be defined as “a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations” (2023). While practicing yoga, you are aware of your breathing while keeping your thoughts on the present moment and practicing mindfulness.  

3. Increases Flexibility and Strength 

Yoga incorporates poses while stretching that improve strength and increase your flexibility. Releasing the tension in your body by holding the stretches for 30-60 seconds, improves your range of motion and leaves you feeling less tense and your body less stiff. A study showed that, “people improved their flexibility by up to 35% after only 8 weeks of yoga” (Taylor, 2022). 

4. Improves Balance and Coordination 

When practicing yoga and using the poses and stretches to build muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, and range of motion, this will lead to better balance and coordination.  

5. Decreases Stress and Anxiety 

While yoga promotes relaxation while practicing mindfulness, it also decreases feelings of stress and anxiety. Yoga benefits your body, mind, and breathing – all aspects that promote positive emotional wellbeing.  

Practicing yoga can improve your balance, coordination, breathing, and mindfulness while decreasing stress and anxiety. At CWC, there are many classes for you to discover your love of yoga. Learn more about CWC memberships, group fitness classes, and more here

The Crosby Wellness Center, a state-of-the-art fitness facility and the first MFA certified facility in Central Florida, features the latest equipment, two indoor pools – a dedicated lap pool and a warmer pool for aquatics exercise and therapy, group fitness classes like Yoga and Zumba – plus a variety of modern amenities geared to support your fitness goals and overall wellbeing. 

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