Four Reasons to Try a Group Exercise Class at Crosby

by admin
April 6, 2021

Please note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Crosby Wellness Center’s group fitness classes are being offered in a limited capacity. Masks and social distancing are required.

Did you know that research has found that working out in a group significantly improves quality of life? Take full advantage of your Crosby Wellness Center membership by trying a group exercise class! Additionally, pairing a group along with your independent training will add variety to your workout routine. Providing you with a fulfilling gym experience. Here are four reasons you should give group exercise a try:

Motivation to Reach Your Goals

Working out with a group will naturally inspire you to keep moving. Scheduled classes can encourage consistency to come to the gym each week. Go one step further and find an accountability buddy, a friend or family member you can support and who can support you, in turn.

Positive Perspective on Exercise

The positivity of your instructor and group members can create a fun and social atmosphere that makes your workout more enjoyable. Moreover, at the center enjoy laughing, sweating and socializing in a group.

An Option for Every Fitness Level

Furthermore, if you’re interested in HIIT, Pilates, cycling, boot camp, aquatic classes or yoga. Classes are available for your needs and your fitness level at Crosby Wellness Center. At the Center, you have the opportunity to choose a class you love and stick to it. Alternatively, try as many classes as you like. Either way, you’re being active and working toward your fitness goals.

Expert Instructors for Supervised Guidance

Group exercise provides specific exercises you can follow that are safe and effective. This eliminates trying to create a workout on your own. Plus, get your questions answered regarding form and technique. Even better yet, our Crosby instructors are welcoming, engaging and love forming personal relationships with their regular members, giving our gym even more of a ‘home’ feeling.

To find out more about the Crosby Wellness Center’s offerings and membership options, click here.

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