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Use Your Heart’s Intelligence to Build Resilience

February 14 at 1:00 pm - 2:30 PM
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February 14 | 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

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Join HeartMath Resilience Trainer Stephanie Veraghen for an empowering workshop that promises to awaken the wisdom within your heart.

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery during this workshop, where you’ll be guided in leveraging the profound wisdom of your heart to build resilience. In this workshop, In this program, led by HeartMath® Resilience Trainer Stephanie Veraghen, you’ll uncover the keys to recognizing and transforming both renewing and depleting emotions, expanding self-awareness, and intelligently managing your energy.

Learn the art of discernment, making better decisions, and preventing or reducing anger, overwhelm, and anxiety. Master the heart-focused breathing and inner ease techniques to self-regulate emotional reactions, stay poised for judgment-free participation in meetings, and create or restore patience and resilience when needed.

Join us to unlock skills that not only enhance your emotional intelligence but also amplify creativity and intuitive insight, leading to a more resilient and joy-filled life. Secure your spot now for an empowering workshop that promises to awaken the wisdom within your heart.

This program is presented by Stephanie Veraghen and hosted by the Winter Park Health Foundation.

About the Program Presenter 

Stephanie Veraghen is the founder of Show Up Awesome, a certified life coach and HeartMath® Resilience trainer. She holds an Associate of Science degree in Graphic Design, bachelor’s degree in Advertising-Public Relations, and master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology, specializing in Leadership and Conflict Transformation which integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience with the framework of modern psychology. She draws on her background to teach people simple techniques for dealing with challenging people and situations using the wisdom of their hearts.

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