Come with us to Fitness-Focused Community Education Programs at CHWB

by CHWB Team
February 27, 2023

As part of the Center for Health & Wellbeing’s Community Education offering, Fitness-focused programs are held to invigorate your workout routine and spark a new interest in a fitness-based exercise that you may have not tried before. The Fitness programs at the Center are free or low-cost and open to the public, no membership is required to participate and there are many different classes to choose from. Some of the programs hosted at CHWB include; Strength Training, Balance and Mobility, Reenergize and Realign through Breath and Movement, and other fun Fitness programs themed to the year like Moving to the Movies – just in time for the Academy Awards.  Today, we are attending Laughter Yoga and Reenergize and Realign through Breath and Movement to show you what participating in a Fitness-focused Community Education Program looks like at CHWB. 

Laughter Yoga 

Laughter Yoga is led by Dana Kaplan, a Laughter Yoga certified instructor who focuses on helping your body create feel-good hormones using laughter exercises while participating in yoga poses. Laughter Yoga will leave you feeling more energetic and healthier than ever. Proven to release stress, Laughter Yoga will boost your immune system, elevate your mood, improve your circulation, and help you foster feelings of kindness, joy, forgiveness, or love. This program is fit for all ages and can be performed standing or sitting. After you check in with one of our program hosts and find the perfect spot in the room – you can begin with learning the Laughter Yoga techniques. Laughter Yoga is hosted each month and registration can be found HERE

Reenergize and Realign through Breath and Movement  

During the “Reenergize and Realign through Breath and Movement” Program, we learned techniques to modify our breathing and how to reenergize and realign our mind and body to bring inner peace and relaxation throughout the day. In this program, led by Crosby Wellness Center group fitness instructor Alan Zemel, a certified Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathing coach with the Oxygen Research Institute, exercises are taught explaining the science behind topics such as vagal tone, heart rate variability, the blood O2/CO2 balance, and other physiologic processes of the relaxation response that you can control. Experience first-hand how focused functional breathing and synchronized movement can bring peace and wellbeing to the mind and body. Register to participate in this program HERE

Register for a Fitness-Focused Community Education Program at the Center for Health & Wellbeing 

Interested in participating in the multiple fitness-focused programs as part of the Community Education offering at CHWB each month? Look at the programs planned through March HERE.  

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