Healthy Holiday Gifts for Your Environmental Wellbeing

Healthy Holiday Gifts for Your Environmental Wellbeing

by admin
December 10, 2019

Healthy holiday gifts are priceless.

While some gifts may break the bank and clutter your home, other gifts—healthy and eco-friendly—are thoughtful and worth every penny.

Because of this, we’ve pulled together a list of healthy holiday gifts perfect for the environmental wellbeing of you and your loved ones. After all, the best gifts to give are in health and wellness. Here are five healthy holiday gifts that are sure to nourish you, your home and the environment:


Indoor Composting Kits

Composting is one of the many keys to improving your environmental wellbeing. It is not only good for the environment. It is also great for de-cluttering your home of food waste and increasing the vitality of your garden with good soil. A compost kit or a kitchen collector is the perfect gift for the avid gardener, chef or eco-conscious individual.

Live and breathe clean by using compostable trash bags. Many of these trash bags have a lemony scent for your kitchen, and they are 100 percent compost friendly. Composting is currently trending throughout urban households around the nation. The service is offered for free through the City of Winter Park and the City of Orlando.


Eco-friendly Bath Gift Sets

Relax and self care in the comfort of your own home with all organic ingredients. This is a perfect healthy holiday gift to give loved ones during the stressful holiday season. Try out a wellness bath set; add plant-based essential oils and all-natural bath bombs to wrap up the optimal spa package. This indoor spa treatment will have you and a loved one feeling restored and refreshed at home. Candles are also classic healthy go-to gifts for serenity. You want to make sure the candles you purchase are non-toxic, good for the environment and make you feel right at home. Check out renewable and handcrafted candles for long and clean burning that purifies dust from the air. Enjoy!


Handcrafted Wall Décor  

Create memories with your loved ones while making your home a cozy refuge with wall décor created just by you. Instead of purchasing wall decorations for your home, attend a paint party and paint your own work-of-art with family or friends during the holiday season. The experience will not only boost your social wellbeing, but it will inspire harmony in your personal environment. The painting session can also be a holiday gift to a loved one or an enjoyable experience to improve your art skills. There are various paint parties across the nation, with beverages included.


Sustainable and Soft Bed Comforter

A good night’s rest is important to your health. Finding the right comforter can be a long-drawn process if you do not know what you’re looking for. Don’t fret as a sustainable choice is a Cloud Comforter. If you can believe it, comforters are also made from recyclable material, which is why we’re adding this to the list of healthy holiday gifts for your environmental wellbeing.


Macramé for Indoor Air Purifying Plants

Macramé was popular in the 1970s, but it is making a comeback. It’s a growing artsy trend among eco-conscious consumers, and popular for hanging your indoor plants to creating it as jewelry, pursues and even other clothing items. Macramé hooks come in a variety of sizes, colors and designs. You can purchase your own macramé hooks for your plants or you can create your own!

The Center also offers a Macramé workshop for creating your own holiday ornaments. In this holiday-themed workshop, you’ll knot a decorative Christmas tree, macra-making yourself a special memento to hang on your tree or gift to a loved one all while enjoying some light snacks and refreshments.


Doing any last-minute tech shopping?

Come see the latest gift ideas in smart TVs/speakers, health games, wearables, health and safety devices and apps. See, touch and feel many unique products in a no sales environment from your friends at the Center for Health and Wellbeing—just in time for the holidays. Don’t miss out on Healthy Holiday Tech Gifts You’ll Love from 11 AM to noon on Thursday, December 12.


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