Food as Medicine: Elevating Health with Soy 

by CHWB Team
December 18, 2023


New Webinar: Elevating Health with Soy, a Food as Medicine Cooking Program  

During the recent Food as Medicine: Elevating Health with Soy cooking demonstration with Dr. Amber Orman, Chief Wellness Officer of AdventHealth Medical Group, and Registered Dietitian and Culinary Medicine Specialist Allison Harrell, participants learned the remarkable health benefits of incorporating soy into their diet. These include using soy as a potent protein source, the role soy plays in promoting heart health, and the misconceptions about the impact it has on hormones.  

While participants learned the many health benefits of soy from Dr. Orman, they sampled healthy and delicious recipes made by Harrell. Some of the recipes included Tempeh Tacos, Vegan Cheese Sauce, Edamame Guacamole, and a No Cook Chocolate Pudding. Recipes made during the program can be found here. 

Learn how you can incorporate soy into your diet by watching the full webinar, Food as Medicine: Elevating Health with Soy, below.  

The Food as Medicine Series combines CHWB Chefs and AdventHealth physicians for an innovative program hosted at the Center for Health & Wellbeing’s Nutrition Theatre. During these classes, participants learn about the intersection of food and medicine, dive deep into the ways our food choices affect health far beyond the numbers on the scale and learn easy recipes using new and interesting flavors and techniques.  

Register for a nutrition-focused Community Education program hosted at the Center for Health & Wellbeing’s Nutrition Theatre here.  

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