Community Education Programs to Support Your Journey to Wholeness 

by CHWB Team
October 2, 2023

Center for Health & Wellbeing Community Education Programs

The Community Education programs hosted at the Center for Health & Wellbeing (CHWB) are designed to support your journey to whole-person health. Monthly, CHWB hosts more than 30 programs connected to the Seven Dimensions of Wellbeing. As part of the CHWB philosophy, the Seven Dimensions of Wellbeing that form the foundation of our Community Education programs are Physical, Intellectual, Environmental, Vocational, Social, Emotional, and Spiritual Wellbeing. When you visit CHWB, you’ll find many opportunities to work towards a balance of your Seven Dimensions of Wellbeing through our Community Education program portfolio. Learn why our Community Education programs are loved by the many participants in the Central Florida area with their testimonials below.  

Crystal Sound Bowl Meditation 

The Crystal Sound Bowl Meditation classes hosted at CHWB promote relaxation and mindfulness while the participant is “bathed” in the sounds created by the playing of crystal bowls. “I’ve noticed that after Kurt’s healing program, my partner and I feel much calmer, relaxed and more open-hearted. It has such an amazing effect on us, and I would surmise a similar effect for other attendees” said Cathy, a CHWB program attendee.  
After attending the program, Joanne expressed that “I got in my car to head home but instead pulled over at Ward Park. I sat near a pond and watched the wildlife while reflecting on the advice Kurt gave during class. It was such a peaceful, lovely respite before facing traffic on Aloma. I wanted to hold on to the positive experience of the singing bowls and carry it forward.”  
The harmonious sounds created when the Crystal Bowls are played are used to support your body’s natural healing processes while you recline on blankets and pillows. That’s why the Sound Bowl Meditations at CHWB are enjoyed by hundreds; the sounds are used to clear and release negative energy and can downshift our normal beta state (waking consciousness) to alpha (relaxed consciousness) and even reach theta (meditative state) where learning, healing and growth can occur. 

Food as Medicine Series 

The Food as Medicine Series at CHWB leads to healthy and healing eating through learning recipes and techniques that can be used in your own kitchen. “I really enjoyed the whole program format! I loved being able to see the food preparation up close, sampling each item, and the helpful explanations and answers to questions from the Doctor and Dietician. I also liked being able to take the recipes home with me,” said David, a participant from one of our most recent Food as Medicine programs.  
Food as Medicine is hosted by CHWB chefs and AdventHealth physicians. Hancel has been to two of CHWB’s Food as Medicine programs and “both have been with registered dietician Allison Harrell. It’s been an excellent presentation both times—professional and casual, well-organized, great easy recipes, and it’s fun. I appreciate that Allison keeps the recipes simple with ordinary ingredients—many of her staples I already have in my kitchen.” Lousie said, “I liked Dr. Epstein’s approach to food for bone health. It was balanced and based on how you eat now (record meals for 3 days) and then take one (protein, calcium, etc.) and try to increase it.” This innovative program is used to educate participants about the relationship between food and medicine. In these classes, you dive deep into the ways your food choices affect your health and wellbeing. 

Exercise Your Creativity 

Did you know engaging in small acts of creativity in everyday life increases your overall wellbeing? Terri loves attending the Exercise Your Creativity classes because she has “personally experienced the healing that the Center for Health & Wellbeing programs have offered. I not only recommend Exercise Your Creativity to people I meet who can benefit, but almost every time I am at one of your programs, people are grateful for your part in their own wellness journey. Please don’t ever let these stop and thank you.”  
Exercise Your Creativity is a way to connect with yourself, family and friends, and the program is open to artists of all talents and ages. “It was a very positive and relaxed atmosphere. It was exceptionally refreshing and fun to just hang out and create a little bit of art with my daughter and grandson. They also felt welcome and really enjoyed being part of creating their own unique creations. This program made us all want to do more creations back at home,” said Dennis, an Exercise Your Creativity participant.  

Register for a Community Education Program

Our Community Education programs are loved by many. The programs exist to promote relaxation, encourage a healthy lifestyle, and create social interaction – ultimately leading to improving the wellbeing of participants. Register for one of our Community Education Programs HERE.  

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