CHILL Programs

Keys to Supporting Healthy Adolescent Development

On May 15, join counselors from the OCPS CHILL program for an educational seminar that will provide the opportunity for parents to learn about the different aspects of adolescent growth and development. Healthy development begins at the start of a child’s life, and the role of parents is enormous to help shape and support healthy…

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How to Practice Mindfulness and Self-Care

On January 23, led by mental health professionals from the Orange County Public Schools CHILL program, we will seek to clearly define what self-care is. The modern conveniences of cell phones, Internet access and constant connectivity can be wonderful ways to stay in touch, learn new things and access important information any time of day….

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Examining the Anatomy of Anxiety

On Oct. 17, join counselors from the CHILL Counseling Program to learn practical ways to help regulate anxiety whether it be for yourself or your struggling child or teen. Most people would admit to having felt some level of anxiety but what is it? Where does it come from? In this workshop, led by mental…

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What Is Mental Health?

On Sept. 27, come learn about basic mental health and wellness, red flags for children and teenagers, and how to better support your child’s emotions. Mental health is often something that is a common topic seen on Tik Tok and other social media platforms, but what does it really mean to be mentally healthy, particularly…

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On October 9, chat with mental health counselors about current mental health topics and how to help yourself or your children to prioritize mental health. There’s a reason parenting is called the toughest job on Earth – because some days, it really is! Although it comes with moments of unmatched joy, it can also be…

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