Spring Greens

Posted December 14, 2022 | By Jordyn Flannery

Green is good! Spring is a time of renewal and fresh, vibrant flavors. It’s also a perfect time for a recipe reset to take advantage of the cleansing and delicious flavors of the season. In this live, interactive webinar, Chef Jenny Breen demonstrates two recipes – a full meal Goddess Salad and vegan Cooked Greens with Miso Dressing and Toasted Nuts – that will inspire you to be bold in the kitchen!

Featured recipes can be found by clicking here

This program is presented by Chef Jenny Breen and is hosted by the Winter Park Health Foundation.

About the Program Presenter

Jenny Breen is a professional chef and nutritionist with more than 20 years of experience teaching people how to integrate seasonal, whole foods into their lives. Her recipes are simple, delicious and accessible, and her teaching is engaging and informative. Join Chef Breen in her kitchen in Minneapolis to see what new creations you can add to your repertoire.