Set it and Forget it Hydroponics!

Posted September 21, 2021 | By ale_bellot

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Are you interested in growing your own food without the strenuous work of digging into the dirt? Do you want to reduce the cost of your groceries?

If so, try your hand at Hydroponics, a simple and bountiful way to produce your own fruits and veggies without the extra hassle of gardening. Hydroponics provides all the basic needs of your plants: light, water, a pH balanced nutrient solution, structural support, and air flow. Water and land use are extremely efficient in hydroponic systems, making the method a well-suited urban food production for personal or commercial use. It’s easy and fun!

In this on-demand program, Hannah Wooten, IFAS Extension Agent of Commercial Horticulture, shares the science that will lead to your “set it and forget it” hydroponics success indoors and outdoors year-round. Wooten shares one of the simplest, most affordable methods of hydroponic growing. You’ll be incredibly surprised about the quality and quantity of produce that you’ll grow – you’ll never need to shop for produce again!

By watching this program, you can expect to learn:

  • about the global and local food situation.
  • about hydroponic growing methods.
  • about the basics of growing hydroponic vegetables using artificial lights indoors.

This program is presented by Hannah Wooten and is hosted by the Winter Park Health Foundation.

About the Program Presenter

Hannah Wooten, UF/IFAS extension agent of Commercial Horticulture in Orange County, provides education to support a vibrant green industry and a sustainable food system. Trainings and partnerships promote environmental stewardship through integrated pest management trainings and education about urban farming techniques with an emphasis on hydroponics. Through strategic scientific communication, Wooten aims to cultivate beautiful sustainable landscapes across Central Florida. She attained her Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida in Landscape and Nursery Horticulture with a Minor in Agribusiness Management and completes her Master of Science in Agroecology this summer. Wooten has more than 10 years working as a horticultural professional in her hometown of Orlando, Florida.