Let’s Talk Tech: The Latest in Wearables and Home Technology

Posted May 22, 2020 | By ale_bellot

Are you finding yourself dependent on technology more now than ever before? Do you want to learn about the latest wearables and home technology devices and understand how you can easily and effectively use them in your own home? Join Dr. David Metcalf, Director of UCF’s Mixed Emerging Technology Integration Lab, as he showcases a variety of products designed to improve your health, quality of life and wellbeing in a no-sales environment. Dr. Metcalf will also take all your technology-related questions at the end of his program.

About the Program Presenter
David Metcalf has more than 20 years’ experience in the design and research of web-based and mobile technologies converging to enable learning and healthcare. Recent projects include Lake Nona’s Intelligent Home and transmedia, adaptive learning projects using mobile, artificial reality and simulation. Dr. Metcalf continues to bridge the gap between corporate learning and simulation techniques and non-profit and social entrepreneurship.

Simulation, mobilization, mobile patient records and medical decision support systems, visualization systems, scalability models, secure mobile data communications, gaming, innovation management and operational excellence are current research topics. Dr. Metcalf frequently presents at industry and research events shaping business strategy and use of technology to improve learning, health and human performance.