Help your Neighbor, Help Yourself

Posted June 17, 2020 | By ale_bellot

Digital Education Programming Presented by the
Center for Health & Wellbeing

Many of us are seeking ways to improve our outlooks as well as our personal wellbeing. Can you recall how good you felt the last time when you did something nice for someone in your community? Maybe it was a small gesture like running an errand for your neighbor or a friend; or perhaps it was sharing your time, talent or treasure with a local organization in need. Such intentional actions not only increase your level of personal satisfaction, they also benefit your overall health. This program will help you better understand and implement ways you can improve your own wellbeing while helping others.

By attending this program, you will:

  • Learn how creating a network of neighbors is an important part of building a healthier community for you and your family
  • Discuss different small acts of kindness you can do for your neighbor and how those acts can help you feel more fulfilled and more thankful
  • Identify needs in your own life that can be addressed with a greater community presence.

This class is presented by Carolyn Dowling, RD, LDN and hosted by the Winter Park Health Foundation, in collaboration with Cabot Creamery and Florida Dairy Farmers.

About Your Program Presenter
Carolyn Dowling, RD, LDN holds a B.S. in Nutritional Science with a concentration in Dietetics from California State University at Los Angeles. She is a Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist in the state of Florida with more than 20 years of experience in nutritional counseling and health education. Her credentials include extensive training in behavior modification with a strong focus on both wellness and prevention through lifestyle and dietary modification. She established her own successful nutritional counseling and corporate wellness practices, as well as a fitness business, and focuses her efforts on her ability to empower, guide, and motivate others to a life of wellness through proper nutrition and healthful lifestyle choices. As a presenter, she shares her knowledge and experience for achieving meaningful results. Having successfully guided a variety of audiences on eating, exercise, and environment using motivational and goal setting techniques, she equips her audiences with solutions for a lifetime of success!