Growing Bolder Presents: Dr. Jim Smith Jr.

Posted May 20, 2020 | By ale_bellot

Are you finding it hard to remain positive during this global pandemic? Are you struggling to make plans for the future and to look forward to what’s next? We’ve got the pep talk you need to start looking forward again. Companies and organizations around the world turn to motivational speaker Dr. Jim Smith Jr. to help inspire their teams to reach their full potential. He’s also a Growing Bolder contributor and one of the featured presenters in GB’s national public broadcasting show, Launchpad to What’s Next.

Growing Bolder Founder/CEO Marc Middleton hosts Dr. Smith for a fascinating and candid conversation about this unique time in human history and they’ll give their tips for focusing on the good still to come in the future. Dr. Smith will also offer his tips, wisdom and one-of-a-kind enthusiasm to help you jump into your bigness.

This program is presented by Marc Middleton and Dr. Jim Smith, Jr. and is hosted by the Winter Park Health Foundation.

About Dr. Jim Smith, Jr.
Dr. Jim Smith Jr. CSP is the best-selling author of “The No Excuse Guide to Success,” which was nominated for a NAACP Image Award. He is a popular motivational speaker and international trainer who has empowered tens of thousands to reach their full potential. He is the president and CEO of Jim Smith Jr. International, where he conducts workshops worldwide and coaches people to not just think outside the box but to get rid of their box altogether. He is the author of several books and teaches at Rutgers and Temple University.

About Marc Middleton
Marc Middleton, Founder and CEO of Bolder Broadcasting and Growing Bolder, is a media entrepreneur, television journalist, author, filmmaker, speaker, activist, and consultant who focuses on the changing culture of aging. A multiple Emmy Award-winning broadcaster, Marc is the host of Growing Bolder TV, seen on public broadcasting stations nationwide, co-host of Growing Bolder Radio, CEO of Growing Bolder Press, publishers of Growing Bolder Magazine, and director of the Emmy-nominated documentary film, Conquering Kilimanjaro. Marc is a 7-time Masters Swimming world record holder and a 10-time U.S. Masters Swimming national champion. His new book, “Growing Bolder, Defy the Cult of Youth, Live with Passion and Purpose,” is now available on Amazon.