Functional Fitness Exercises with Gil

Posted September 28, 2020 | By ale_bellot

Digital Education Programming Presented by the
Center for Health & Wellbeing

Did you know there are exercises you can do to help you perform everyday activities, like getting up off the floor, carrying heavy objects, or putting something up on a shelf? In this program, you’ll join Gil Moral, Crosby Wellness Center fitness specialist and personal trainer, to learn how to strengthen the muscles you need to use for certain tasks, thereby reducing your risk of injury and increasing your quality of life.

By participating in this program, you can expect to:

  • gain an understanding of body decline and physical composition.
  • learn how to use functional movements to maintain health and vitality.
  • learn how to create a training program to avoid soreness and feel your best, every day.

About Your Program Presenter
Gilbert is a credentialed Exercise Physiologist who is a Fitness Specialist and Personal Trainer at the Crosby Wellness Center. He specializes in working with clients that have physical limitations. He tells all his clients, from competitive athletes to beginners “I want you to wake up every day feeling better than you did the day before.” His primary goal is to reduce physical limitations so his clients can enjoy life to the fullest.