Fun with Florals: Arrangements You Can Replicate

Posted September 9, 2020 | By ale_bellot

Author Hans Christian Anderson once said, “Just living is not enough… One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” Meet the third component of Hans’ prescription for happiness in this program presented by local flower show judge and floral design expert Emily Bader.

In our part of Florida, flowers are abundant, greenery is often found just outside our front doors, and a vase or container can be pulled from a kitchen cupboard for an easy, mood-lifting arrangement. In this program, you’ll learn where to find local flowers, tactics to ensure their freshness, how to condition flowers and greens for long-lasting arrangements, and finally, how to determine where to place flowers in an arrangement using a few guidelines to assure a lovely design. Emily will also share her secrets to gorgeous simplicity and the tools and supplies she uses to make arranging easy for anyone.

About Your Program Presenter

Emily Bader has been chairman and judge of flower shows since the mid -1980s. She was president of the Suburban Garden Club of Germantown, TN, and the Winter Park Garden Club, and spearheaded a WPGC Civic Awareness project at Pulsifer Place. Emily is currently working with the City of Winter Park for planting an Edible Orchard on Cady Way and signage for all the trees in Central Park.

In Germantown, TN, Emily served as Chair of the Beautification Commission for several years and was awarded a Four-Star individual Award from the State. She now enjoys serving on the Board of Winter Park in Bloom. Her goal is to enhance Winter Park to be an even nicer community than when she moved to town in 2011.