Friendship During a Pandemic

Posted August 28, 2020 | By ale_bellot

Gone are the days of having to be in person to socialize and meet up with friends. Back in March, the coronavirus shut down the world and forced people to digital spaces in order to socialize and talk to the people in their lives. Months later people are venturing out more, but what about those who still don’t feel comfortable, or those who are vulnerable? One group of friends proves that socialization and embracing technology at any age can have an enormous impact on their own wellbeing. 

The once weekly game of mahjong at the Center for Health & Wellbeing in Winter Park, FL quickly turned digital when the Center closed temporarily due to COVID-19 in March. Despite all of that, this group of friends knew that they still wanted to play the ancient Chinese tile game and more importantly spend time with their friends. 

Instead of being afraid of the technology, they got help from the grandkids to get things up and running. Today, they are grateful that they can spend time together and connect with one another, no matter how far apart they might be.