Foods to Support Your Mind + Moods

Posted September 1, 2020 | By ale_bellot

In our fast-paced, do-more society, it can be difficult to stay focused when bombarded by infinite distractions. Have you ever forgotten why you walked into a room or paused to recall a common everyday word? Imagine if you could reduce mental fatigue, difficulty concentrating and brain fog. In this program presented by registered dietician Josephine Thomason, you’ll gain an understanding of how simple dietary changes made in their everyday food selections can have a dynamic impact on brain health.

About Your Program Presenter

Josephine is a registered and licensed dietitian in the state of Florida. She specializes in the area of Functional Nutrition, where she is privileged to help clients identify the root causes of their digestive disorders and other chronic conditions. She is adept at using integrative and functional models to help clients understand the importance of gut health and how it impacts our immune system, digestive system, brain health, as well as our overall wellbeing.