Food as Medicine: Cooking to Prevent Cancer

Posted January 12, 2023 | By Jackie Carlin

Food should be enjoyed, savored and shared, and it can be your best tool in the fight to prevent diseases. Join Allison Harrell, Registered Dietitian and Certified Culinary Medicine Specialist in the kitchen where she will share what foods to add to your plate to help prevent cancer. She will discuss what to add to your routine so that it crowds out the food that does not support optimal health. During this culinary health session, you will gain confidence in the kitchen and get to taste some of these delicious dishes that support your health.  

Harrell will be joined in the Center for Health & Wellbeing’s Nutrition Theatre by Anupama Saigal, MD, a fellowship trained breast surgical oncologist with AdventHealth. 

Recipes can be found here

Allison Harrell is a registered dietitian nutritionist and plant-based chef who has been passionate about food and nutrition for more than 20 years. She advanced her knowledge by becoming a certified Culinary Medicine Specialist, certified in Weight Loss Management. Harrell believes that every time we eat, it is an opportunity to promote our health. She incorporates culinary experiences with a science-based approach. Her programs and tools make a positive difference in the health of our communities by instilling confidence and knowledge in the kitchen. Click here to sign up for her regular emails.

Anupama Sharma Saigal, MD 

Anupama Sharma Saigal, MD is a fellowship trained breast surgical oncologist. She received her medical degree from the University of Maryland and went on to complete her surgical residency at the University of Pennsylvania. After becoming a board-certified general surgeon, Dr. Saigal then went on to Columbia University and completed a fellowship in breast surgical oncology. Dr.Saigal started her career in New York as an Assistant Professor of Surgery at NYU Langone Medical Center and at Long Island Jewish Medical Center.