Exercise for Brain Health

Posted June 29, 2020 | By ale_bellot

Digital Education Programming Presented by the
Center for Health & Wellbeing

What is good for the heart is also good for the brain! This fun workout combines physical and cognitive exercises to improve health and sharpen the mind. You’ll gently increase your heart rate to deliver more oxygen to the brain while accelerating neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to adapt to new challenges. By watching this program, you will:

  • Enjoy learning new moves while focusing on new thoughts. This includes practicing focus while adding movement and training certain muscles to fire in a movement pattern, which causes other muscles around them—muscles that may not have been performing up to snuff—to fire better.
  • Learn data that shows physical activity improving cognitive health as well as activities of daily living.
  • Engage your Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF). PNF addresses entire motor patterns to improve communication between the brain, the muscles and joints. These exercises are also a functional way to increase coordination and promote a balance of mobility and stability.

Special Instructions: Please use a chair as exercises are done standing or sitting in a seat. Props such as small weights, soup cans or small water bottles are optional.

This program is hosted by the Winter Park Health Foundation.

About Your Program Presenter
Beth is a graduate of the University of Florida and has taught group exercise classes throughout her 20-year career as a fitness professional. She completed a 200-hour yoga training at Full Circle in Winter Park and has taught yoga for 10 years. She has worked as a health coach, Diabetes Prevention facilitator and as a Cancer Survivor Fitness Coach in a program called Livestrong. She is currently the Medical Integration Manager at Crosby Wellness Center, bridging the gap for those with medical concerns returning to a healthy lifestyle.