Circuit of Health & Wellness

Posted April 14, 2020 | By ale_bellot

In these challenging times, it is imperative to live with a positive mindset. This interactive group presentation, The Circuit of Health and Wellness, provides you with the tools needed to sharpen your mental mindset and enable your six ‘wires of wellness’ — mindset, physical being, circle of genius, financial, adventure, and impact—to operate at full capacity. These wires, when firing on all cylinders, help create a life filled with positive energy, passion and purpose.

A Brief Look at Judi’s Wires of Wellness, Quarantine Edition:

Mindset: how are you fostering a optimistic mindset? Are you journaling, writing or creating and consuming art that helps you maintain positivity and purpose?

Physical Being: how are you taking care of your physical self in these challenging times? Are you sleeping enough? Eating well? Practicing daily movement?

Circle of Genius: while we all now practicing social distancing, we aren’t practicing emotional distancing. How does your Circle of Genius – your friends and family who you connect with regularly – impact your overall mindset and outlook? Are your social media relationships authentic and adding to your life?

Financial: what’s most important to you? Are you comparing yourself to others?

Adventure: we can’t physically seek out adventure right now, but there’s still lots of adventure to be had. What excites you? What ignites your passion? What gives you goosebumps that you can still pursue right now?

Impact: how do you want to be remembered, and remember how you spent your time, in six months or a year from now? What will your Coronavirus legacy be?

During this program, you’ll take an inventory of where your life is at this very moment because, according to program presenter Judi Isaacson, “what gets measured gets managed.” Based on your current ratings in Judi’s six Wires of Wellness, you’ll also take time to develop strategies and tactics to increase those ratings, resulting in a more balanced, fulfilled and happier life.

This program is presented by Judi Isaacson, Health and Wellness Coach, and is hosted by the Winter Park Health Foundation.