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The Museum of Happiness Experience

May 22, 2023 at 1:00 pm - 2:30 PM
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May 22 | 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

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The Museum of Happiness Experience offers a fun and engaging workshop to explore ways you can access more joy in your everyday life.

The Museum of Happiness Experience is designed to do exactly what a museum does: educate and offer a new perspective! In this activity-filled workshop, you will learn about the common myths regarding happiness. Plus, discover what neuroscience is now recognizing about the brain’s ability to change. These findings can help you be aware about how we build resilience and ways we can strengthen our ability to feel more satisfaction and happiness. The workshop is lively, filled with interactive games and learning moments designed to help you experience your own “a-ha” moments.

Your awareness will expand about things in our world that bring us happiness and things in our world that rob us from feeling content.

You’ll learn about brain research and how neuroscience has identified that we can strengthen neural pathways so that we can feel more HAPPINESS over time — yes, neuroscience shows that you really can activate modifications in your brain to feel happier.

Come prepared to laugh, learn and connect with others seeking a scientific path to happiness.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and discovering tools and tips for increasing your happiness is a valuable gift to yourself. Throughout the month, in conjunction with the Museum of Happiness Experience, we invite you to stop by the Healthy Living Experience to view posters related to this project, celebrating the science of happiness.

This program is presented by Rachel Scheinberg and is hosted by the Winter Park Health Foundation.

About the Presenter:  

Rachel Scheinberg is a dynamic Keynote Speaker who uses her 25 years of work in healthcare technology to help others utilize the deepest corners of their brain to accomplish more.

Since she was a teenager, Rachel’s research and work has brought the importance of the Mind-Body Connection into mainstream medicine.

We all know that stress contributes to disease and worse health outcomes; so why can’t we take advantage of this phenomenon and use our thoughts and emotions to help ourselves more?

Rachel was recruited to the nation’s largest health insurance company, UnitedHealthcare, to build new behavioral health programs that improved access and lowered costs for patients to get additional mental health resources and support. The business cases and medical cost offset these programs demonstrated led to the whole industry following suit.

She then worked for emerging technology companies, including one of the nation’s leading providers of telehealth, Amwell, to bring virtual care to mental health, making it less expensive and more convenient.

After decades of working with emerging health technology companies and getting health insurance companies to pay for additional ways for patients to access mental health support, Rachel recognized that by promoting the benefit of these services for ongoing wellness: we enable ourselves not just to stay healthier and heal faster, but also to flourish and support our happiness. In 2018 she began offering The Museum of Happiness to community and corporate groups throughout the U.S.

Rachel is the author of 3 books on this topic and lives with her spouse and 2 children in Winter Park. She is a terrible dancer, but that doesn’t stop her from embarrassing her kids with it any time she gets the chance.

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