5 CHWB On-Demand Programs to Support Your Wellbeing This Summer

by CHWB Staff
July 1, 2021

Wellbeing is a modern word with ancient roots and can feel like it’s an all-or-nothing pursuit — like if you don’t have time to do it all perfectly, you might as well not bother with anything at all. But even small, simple changes — that extend beyond Physical Wellbeing — can drastically improve your overall health and wellbeing.

In honor of Summer Fun Under the Sun Month at the Center for Health & Wellbeing, we’re sharing five CHWB On-Demand Programs presented by the Wellbeing Network and focused on the Seven Dimensions of Wellbeing that will enhance your wellbeing this summer.

Get started on your wellbeing journey today!

1. Practice Mindfulness

Simply, mindfulness means applying focus and awareness to everything you do, from the moment you wake up to your final eyes-open minutes of the day. And like our physical body, our focus is a muscle. With insight into the right techniques and a little practice, we can strengthen our focus to become more productive, more efficient, and yes, more mindful.

In this program presented by meditation instructor and author Camille Sacco, you’ll learn how to use mindfulness techniques to focus on the task at hand, recognizing and releasing internal and external distractions as they arise. With these new skills, you’ll increase your effectiveness and efficiency, decrease mistakes, and even enhance your creativity.

2. Embrace Nature’s Beauty

Birds collecting sticks, making nests, raising young – if you stop to watch birds performing these behaviors, there is so much we can learn from these friends who fly. Watch as Laura VonMutius, Education Manager at the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey, shares the life lessons she’s gathered from watching and working with birds throughout the years. Learn the lessons she’s been taught about resiliency, cooperation, and ways to have fun — all from the avian world!

3. Eat Clean

We all do it — tell ourselves every year we’ll eat healthier. Watch this informative on-demand program that will leave you with 20 easy food tips, ensuring your food resolutions are a success. Chef Collette of Nourish Coffee Bar + Kitchen addresses topics like how to be gluten-smart, how to use the “dirty dozen,” (a list of 12 produce items that are commonly known to test positive for pesticide residue), how to stay hydrated and eliminate needless snacking. Chef Collette also demonstrates three recipes that will give you the confidence to make healthy food choices all year long.

4. Try Minimalist Packing and Organizing

How many times have you started organizing and ended up finding something else to do? Don’t know where to begin on an organizing project or minimalist packing? Have you made a big mess and don’t know how to get out of it? Maybe you’re using this time to do some spring cleaning and get your house in impeccable order. If so, this program is for you.

5. Create A Home Sanctuary

The saying ‘home is where the heart is’ could very well also be ‘home is where the health is.’ Did you know that there are easy changes you can make in your home to create an environment that supports your health and wellbeing goals? Rather than unknowingly sabotaging your success, learn the simple things you can do that could make a big difference in supporting your lifestyle improvement efforts. No major renovations or investments needed.

In this on-demand program, Certified Health and Wellness Coach Margaret Jasinski reviews each of the Center’s Seven Dimensions of Wellbeing while sharing simple changes you can make in your home. These changes will enhance the likelihood of successfully achieving your goals in each of these dimensions.

Don’t Let Your Wellbeing Miss A Minute

CHWB Community Education Programs return this September, and we couldn’t be looking forward to seeing you at the Center more. Until then, we’re inviting you to join us on Facebook and Instagram every Thursday this summer as we look back at the Digital Community Education Programs that inspired our community most in Wellbeing Network’s Top 10 Greatest Hits.

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