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The Center’s Gardens

Let Nature Inspire Your Wellbeing

Relax and reflect with nature at the Center for Health & Wellbeing Gardens. Six distinct gardens are designed to stimulate your five senses and create an environment that supports your whole-health journey.

Learn more about each garden.  

The Welcome Garden

Greeting guests as they enter the Center’s grounds, the Welcome Garden is a lush and active space. Filled with beds of herbs and vegetables, the Welcome Garden ensures that patrons of Nourish Coffee Bar + Kitchen enjoy meals created with the perfect blend of locally-grown ingredients.    

Meditation Grove

Featuring breathtaking mature Live Oak trees, the Meditation Grove was designed to provide visitors with an open space to encourage active contemplation, along with a reflexology path to massage and stimulate your acupressure points on your feet to unlock energy and invigorate you.

Terraced Garden

Surrounding all 4.2 acres of the Center, the Terraced Garden creates a picturesque path that extends from the Ward Park across Perth Lane.  This area is ideal for a variety of activities, including Tai Chi, fitness walking and other outdoor activities.  

Reflection Pool

For community members desiring a quiet, tranquil space, the Reflection Pool provides a stunning view to help visitors relax, meditate or just enjoy the soothing beauty and sounds of nature. 

Aromatherapy Garden

Sit and experience all of the health and calming benefits of aromatherapy in this unique garden located on the Center’s southside. With ample seating, we invite you to come see how simply breathing can improve your wellbeing.

Bamboo Garden

The soothing sounds of rushing water and bamboo rustling in the breeze like wind chimes creates an idyllic setting for meditation to prepare or reflect. 

The Commons

Unifying the other gardens, the Commons sits at the heart of the Center. This metaphorical garden, lined with tree-like wooden columns and sheltered by a warm wooden canopy ceiling acts as both a place and passage, creating a central community meeting point and a personal pathway to all that the Center holds. 

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