Acupuncture Screenings (In Person)

Acupuncture is recognized by leading national and international health organizations to be an effective treatment for a wide variety of medical problems including pain relief and management, arthritis, digestive issues, stress, anxiety. and more. Combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet, acupuncture can keep you feeling great and performing at your best. Stop by…

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New vision of Caregiving

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Heart Health – A Story of Recovery (Webinar)

Join us for Heart Health – A Story of Recovery (Webinar) on Monday, February 1 at 11 AM. According to studies, nearly half of Americans have some form of heart condition. Though many suffer with heart issues, those who overcome the odds and improve their heart health have incredible stories that reveal strength and determination…

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Virtual CarFit – Finding Comfort in Your Vehicle (Webinar)

Join us for Virtual CarFit – Finding Comfort in Your Vehicle (Webinar) on Tuesday, February 2 at 1 PM. Traveling by car is a fact of life for most people but let’s face it, our cars aren’t always the most comfortable places to be. Several car features require adjustments to obtain the most comfortable and…

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Stress Less – Nature, Video Games and Aerobic Activity (Webinar)

Join us for Stress Less: Nature, Video Games and Aerobic Activity (Webinar) on Tuesday, February 2 at 7 PM. No longer exclusively the basement hobby of teenage boys, many adults are now looking to video games both to alleviate boredom and relieve stress. In the case of stress, does video game playing really work? The…

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